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Multi Dose Vial

Multi Dose Vial

Brief description--Tubular glass vials Material: borosilicate glass Dimension: ISO8362 and customized. Printing on vials: customized Capacity: 1 million pieces per day Country of origin: China Product Description--Tubular glass vials FAQ--Tubular glass vials 1. Q: Are you manufacturer or trading...

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Product Details

Type I Glass:
Type I glass bottles are made from borosilicate, which has a highly resistant composition and releases the least amount of alkali. It is commonly used for pharmaceutical or fine chemical products that are sensitive to PH changes.
Type II Glass:
Type II glass containers are made from commercial soda lime glass that has been de-alkalized to obtain a great improvement in chemical resistance by treating the interior surfaces at a high temperature to eat away the alkali on or near the glass surfaces. The undesirable characteristic of Type II Glass is that the treating etches the surface, causing a frosted appearance.
Type III Glass:
Type III glass bottles and containers are made of untreated commercial soda-lime glass and has average or somewhat above average chemical resistance. It is the most common in use and is compatible with most items such as: food; beverages; common chemicals, etc. 

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