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Glass Vial With Lid

Glass Vial With Lid

Brief description--Tubular glass vials Material: borosilicate glass Dimension: ISO8362 and customized. Printing on vials: customized Capacity: 1 million pieces per day Country of origin: China Product Description--Tubular glass vials FAQ--Tubular glass vials 1. Q: Are you manufacturer or trading...

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Product Description


One-stop service, we have our own production line for glass vial, aluminum cap, plastic cap, rubber stoppers and printing service


Color: transparent (clear) or amber (brown).

Neutral glass is a borosilicate glass containing significant amounts of boric oxide, aluminium oxide alkali and/or alkaline earth oxides. Due to its composition neutral glass has a high hydrolytic resistance and a high thermal shock resistance.

Soda-lime-silica glass is a silica glass containing alkali metal oxides (mainly sodium oxide) and alkaline earth oxides (mainly calcium oxide). Due to its composition, soda-lime-silica glass has only a moderate hydrolytic resistance.

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