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Vial Manufacturers

Vial Manufacturers

10ml Glass Bottle Vial is a vial that is processed and processed by EM tissue. It can be equipped with a polyethylene cap on a special seal to create an effective moisture barrier. EM permeation and dehydration procedures are typically performed in these vials. It is a transparent borosilicate glass vial that can be fitted with a colored polyethylene snap cap.

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Product Details

Vial Manufacturers

Product introduction:

It is a transparent borosilicate glass vial that can be fitted with a colored polyethylene snap cap.

Product features:

1. 10ml Glass Bottle Vial is ideal for storing medicines, essential oils, flavorings, extracts and small craft items such as glitter and beads. Because they are made of glass, they do not react with the contents and can be sterilized.

2. The borosilicate glass used in it is obtained by substituting boron oxide for a part of the alkali metal oxide in ordinary glass, so that it has good chemical stability. It is converted from a glass tube in which the wall thickness is controlled and the basic shape is optimized into the container during the conversion process.

3. It has a flat and thin base as possible so it maintains optimal and consistent heat transfer. In addition, you can also choose the color of the exterior of the bottle. For example, amber glass traditional medicine bottles. Glass bottles of this color help to filter out potentially harmful UV rays in the product.

4. This 10ml Glass Bottle Vial can use a tamper-proof cover to keep chemical solutions and medicines safe, or use aluminum or white screws on the cover for aesthetics. It has good transparency, so it is very convenient for you to observe the contents of the bottle during the experiment.

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Competitive advantage

GMP certificates, auto matice inspection production line.


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