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Crimp Vials

Because the medicinal glass bottles are in direct contact with the drug, and some have to be stored for a long time, the quality of Crimp Vials is directly related to the quality of the drug, involving personal health and safety. Therefore, the standards for medicinal glass bottles have special and strict requirements, which are summarized as follows:
It is more systematic and comprehensive, which enhances the selectivity of product standards and overcomes the lag of standards on products.
The same product determined by the new standard sets different standards according to different materials, greatly expands the scope of standard coverage, and enhances the applicability and selectivity of various new drugs to different glass materials and different performance products. The standard in the general product standard is relatively lagging behind the development of the product.
For example, among the eight medicinal glass bottles covered by the new standard, the standards of each product are classified into three categories according to materials and properties. The first category is borosilicate glass, the second category is low borosilicate glass, and the third category. The class is soda lime glass. Although a certain type of material has not yet been produced, the standard of such products has been introduced, which solves the problem of lag in the production of normal products. All kinds of different grades, different performances, different uses and dosage forms of medicines have more flexible and larger choices for different types of products and standards.
Among the largest pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers and suppliers, Youlyy Industrial factory provides the best customized crimp vials service with cheap price. Wholesale crimp vials service is also offered. If you want a discount, contact us for pricelist and quotation.
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