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Plastic Aluminum Cap Seal

Plastic Aluminum Cap Seal

Brief description--flip off caps Crimp top vial caps. Material: PP, aluminum alloy 8011 Logo, sizes and colors are customized Production capacity: 2 million pieces per day Country of origin: China Product Description--flip off caps

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Product Details

Product features:

1.Plastic Aluminum Cap Seal has a double-sided coating and is autoclaved so that the surface of the aluminum part does not discolor and does not crack. It prevents the contents of the bottle from leaking during handling and storage. In addition, Plastic Aluminum Cap Seal also prevents air from entering the bottle and improves the shelf life of the product. Its sealing performance is very good, so it can fully guarantee the stability of the items in the bottle.

2.Plastic Aluminum Cap Seal is specifically designed for crimping clamshell seals consisting of an aluminum casing and a plastic round button on the top of an aluminum crimp seal that covers the injection site of the vial. The diameter of the plastic button is larger than the diameter of the connected aluminum seal. It ranges in size from 13mm to 30mm.

Product display:

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