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Flip Off Caps

The bottle cap is used for sealing the bottle. According to different functions, the cap has different shapes and different operation methods. For example, the mineral water bottle cap is rounded, and the can end cap is pulled by the ring, and the canned cap of the meat can be used. There is no fixed shape, it is like a torn sample. The cover of the injection bottle is made of glass. It should be polished with a grinding wheel and then bounced off. The lid of the men's favorite beer bottle is used. The design of the cap is ridiculous, and the designers rack their brains to make it more innovative and attractive.
The bottle cap has the function of keeping the contents of the product sealed, and has the functions of anti-theft opening and safety. Therefore, it is widely used in bottled products, so the bottle cap is the upstream industry of food, beverage, wine, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. It is a key product for bottle packaging. In the early development of the cap, softwood, tinplate crown and unscrewing cap were used. The aluminum long-neck aluminum cap, carbonated aluminum cap, hot-filled aluminum cap, injection aluminum cap, drug cap, and open Ring cover, button cover and plastic bottle caps.
Take the Aluminum-Plastic Cap as an example.
The ejector cap refers to a bottle cap product that protrudes at the top or both ends of the cap or is longer than the cap. Compared with other cap products, the ejected caps are beautifully designed and exquisitely designed to be used to package high- and mid-range white spirits, and have good anti-counterfeiting properties that cannot be reused once opened. The top-out bottle cap produced by our factory is made of high-temperature one-time injection molding of a variety of new raw materials. It has the characteristics of novel shape, bright color, no fading, fading, etc., and can be designed according to user needs. In addition, these products have stable chemical and barrier properties, do not easily react with other substances and block the contact between outside air and internal liquor.
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