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Screw Cap Vial

Screw Cap Vial

Brief description--Tubular glass vials Material: borosilicate glass Dimension: ISO8362 and customized. Printing on vials: customized Capacity: 1 million pieces per day Country of origin: China Product Description--Tubular glass vials FAQ--Tubular glass vials 1. Q: Are you manufacturer or trading...

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Screw Cap Vial


Our screw cap vials are ideal for storing small amounts of flavors, essential oils, etc. These liquid-tight vials are constructed of Type 1 borosilicate glass for excellent chemical resistance, thermal properties and clarity.

Includes black PP cap

The nut Vial includes a black polypropylene cap and a PE gasket. This three-layer coextruded liner consists of foamed and solid LDPE. The foam core is between two solid transparent LDPEs. The lining prevents odors from spreading and does not affect the taste of the product. Foam PE linings are often used with pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, lotions, and many food and cleaning products. The liner is good for acids, bases, solvents, alcohols, oils, cosmetics and aqueous products, but not good for hydrocarbon solvents.


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