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Wing Chong Tape Sealing Machine Series Introduced
- Jun 22, 2016 -

Tape sealing machine, which is what we usually refer to the sealing machine, which uses adhesive tape that is affixed carton sealing work, sealing fast, easy to adjust the size of sealing can be completed once the upper and lower sealing action, while also improve the product image, carton sealing packaging choice.

With the development of technology and consumer demand increases, tape sealing machine is also more and more business customers alike. It appears, greatly improving the efficiency of packaging and sealing machine today's more diverse forms and functions, applications are increasingly being used because of its lightweight, durable, easy to operate, widely used in food, home appliances, electronics, oil, cosmetics and other manufacturing industries. Tape sealing machine can be divided into semi-automatic sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, pneumatic sealing machine, folding cover sealing machine, corner edge sealing machine, side sealing machine and other series.