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Vacuum Packaging Machine Used Correctly Step
- Jun 22, 2016 -

1, power: Turn the power select switch as needed, that the power indicator light. Power select switch point vacuum is a vacuum seal, point filling the vacuum is a vacuum inflatable seal.

2, a plastic bag containing the items placed in the vacuum chamber, the bag neatly placed (for inflatable packaging should have at least one pneumatic nozzle is inserted into the pocket) on the hot seal.

3, pressing cover, the panel suction (vacuum) light is on, the vacuum pump start pumping, the cover is done automatically suck, vacuum level knob to adjust the degree of vacuum packaging requirements, adjust the time, depending on the scale from low to high The amplitude is small.

4, when the suction reaches the set time (ie, the degree of vacuum required), that the end of evacuation, pumping light is off, lights inflatable, inflatable begin to show. Inflatable inflatable knob to adjust the length of time (ie, pneumatic and how much), the method above. To not inflate the power switch to the vacuum position, the program automatically enters vacuum packaging, inflatable light goes out.

5, or inflatable evacuation is completed, the light goes off, sealing indicator light that enters the sealing procedure with sealing time and temperature adjustment knob on the front panel, to adapt to different thickness of the material, when adjusting the time and temperature, spin to move a small margin, to prevent a sudden increase in heat sealing temperature, sealing accessories burn.

6, when it reaches the set sealing time, sealing off lights, heat sealing process is completed, the vacuum chamber through the valve into the atmosphere until the lid lifted automatically, filling the vacuum packaging process all over, ready for the next package cycle.