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Teabag Packaging Machine To Purchase Is Also Very Particular
- Jun 22, 2016 -

Tea packing machine in the international tea packaging has become the preferred packaging equipment, daily life, the quality of the tea bag affects the quality of tea, here, we will provide you a superior quality tea bag, which is the triangle nylon tea package. Nylon triangle teabag Japan imported green nylon, non-woven material is the result of national security inspection of non-toxic, bacteria, heat-resistant food-grade medium high texture, color printing on the surface of paper packaging chain, as well as Japan's imports of edible ink made of non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and can reduce environmental pollution problems. It uses a unique method of sealing ----- ultrasonic sealing incognito, close, health, safety, reduce redundant Edge width, do not waste a trace filter, compared to ordinary teabag, such high shape flu teabag image quality, bringing a sense of aesthetics and advanced, it is easy for the public to accept.

Compared with ordinary filter paper teabag packaging, this tea bag in hot water injection, with the fastest time for the tea spread out and retain creative flavor, fragrance of nature, and does not damage the tea bag can be repeatedly brewing , long bubble, highlighting the tough and difficult to tear packaging materials, transparent mesh design makes the tea flavor more vividly played out, so that consumers can concept of shape, smell the aroma, liquor color to see, taste flavor, police Securinega, like the flavor of the original film bubble now, so tea is no longer confined container, so you can enjoy anytime, anywhere convenience of modern life!