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Sealer Use The Adjustment Method
- Jun 22, 2016 -

Sealing machine is suitable for carton sealing packaging, sealing machine for carton sealing tape, rapid, easy to adjust, can be a complete upper and lower sealing action automatically, such as the use of marking tape, but also enhance product image. Sealing machine when in use need to be adjusted, particularly in the use of new sealing machine when the following describes how to adjust sealing machine:

1. Tape rubber sleeve roll tightness adjustment:

Make too tight taping cardboard boxes too tight, too loose will make the roller sleeve is rotated over and taped to cardboard boxes too loose. Loosen the outer end of the ball nut, then turn the hex nut clockwise to increase pressure and counterclockwise to reduce the pressure. After appropriate adjustments, the ball nut to hex nut desperate.

2. pinch gum reincarnation spring tightness adjustment:

Tightness of the return spring is too loose tape will advance the tape can not be cut or knuckle attached to the carton, the return spring is too tight is easy to damage the carton.