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Flip Machine Frame Is Not Special Equipment
- Jun 22, 2016 -

1, V-type table, effectively prevent the cylindrical product stability when inverted.

2, electromagnetic brake motors, flip encountered during power failure, the machine will automatically lock, stopped, and will not reverse the situation.

3, may be less than 90 degrees flip angle micro adjustment of product, effectively prevent product dumping.

4, multi-limit protection, security, equipped with a mechanical limit device, such as occurred in the absence of electronic control are malfunctioning, the same can guarantee the absolute safety of the machine and operator. And the device has overweight limit function.

5, double sleeve roller chain and all bearings are made of well-known professional product manufacturers. Mechanical drive sprocket, chain tensioner two can be adjusted.

6, four bodies bearing idler spacing can be adjusted according to actual use to ensure that the operation level. Filing can be translated into a volume lying, or lying volume translated filing, cycle work.