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Automatic Tea Packing Machine How Much Money
- Jun 22, 2016 -

1, "convenient, fast," the teabag has a very tolerant, scalable, pure tea type, fruit flavor, aroma and health-teabag type provides a rich variety to meet market demand.

2, suitable for teabag brand operation, suitable for the development of China's domestic tea brand, in our cities, the economic developed cities, work fast-paced life of the city, on the teabag market demand was high growth. Teabag development to meet the basic needs, in line with the market-oriented operation of the brand, to enable standardization and industrialization commodity development, enterprise brand management products, demand, market operability with tea. At the same time, creating teabag brand in the process will have accumulated enough experience of the brand, to create conditions for a comprehensive strategy to promote the brand.