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Vacuum packaging machine industry has polarization characteristics
- Jun 22, 2016 -

Vacuum packaging machine industry has experienced after years of rapid development, more and more showing polarization characteristics. This feature not only exists in China, but also abroad is also true. Overall domestic vacuum packaging machine industry is still in the basic stage, the product is still in the extensive development of specific performance of low-tech, low packaging efficiency, not high degree of automation. China wants to open foreign markets, we must seek a breakthrough in the imbalance, turn overtaking catch up.

Our vacuum packaging machine industry is still in the small, inefficient stage, supporting a small number, the lack of precision and large-scale production of products, can not meet market demand. Compared with developed countries, China's vacuum packaging machine industry from product structure: product quality gap between the performance of low performance, poor stability and reliability, unsightly appearance, rough surface treatment, many parts of poor quality, short life, reliable low, affecting the overall quality of the product. From the business development situation, the lack of vacuum packaging machine enterprises, large-scale, high-grade products business is minimal. From product development, our country is still basically stuck at the stage of imitation, self-development capacity is weak, the lack of R & D personnel, R & D investment ratio is very low, the proportion of their foreign counterparts in the development of this higher than domestic, invisible gap is growing.