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The Main Functions Of Glass Raw Materials
- Nov 24, 2017 -

The main functions of some raw materials:

Al2O3/Al(OH)3 can reduce the glass crystallization orientation, improve the glass chemical stability, thermal stability, mechanical strength, hardness and refractive index, the glass of refractory erosion, and help to fluoride opacified.

Al2O3 increases the viscosity of the glass.

P2O5 function can be used as glass forms oxide, which forms the structure network of phosphate glass with [PO4].

P2O5 can improve the dispersion coefficient of glass and the ability to penetrate uv, but reduce the chemical stability of glass.

Simple phosphate glass hydrolyzes easily.

P2O5 is used to make optical glass and ultraviolet glass.

Li2O, it can reduce the melting temperature and viscosity of glass, improve the melting rate of kiln furnace and improve the quality of glass.

Calcium oxide CaO: stabilizer, increase the chemical stability of glass, mechanical strength, but the content is too high, can make glass crystallization tendency increase, and make the glass crisp.

In normal glass, the CaO content is no more than 12.5%.

In high temperature, it can reduce the viscosity of glass and promote the melting and clarification of glass.

However, when the temperature decreases, the viscosity increases rapidly, making it difficult to form, and suitable for high speed production, the glass with CaO high can be annealed fast after forming, or it can easily burst.

Magnesium oxide MgO, it can slow the hardening speed of the glass and improve the forming properties of the glass.

MgO can also reduce crystallization tendency and speed, increase the viscosity of glass at high temperature, and improve the chemical stability and mechanical strength of glass.

Barium oxide BaO: can increase the refractive index, density, finish and chemical stability of glass;

A small amount of BaO0.5% can accelerate the melting of glass, but when the content is too high, the reaction of producing 2BaO+O2=2BaO2 makes it difficult to clarify.

B2O3 can reduce the melting point of glass and improve the physical properties, chemical properties and optical properties of glass.

The use of glass for medical packaging has been added to B2O3, and the different types of medical glass are defined in terms of its content.