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Optional vacuum packaging machine need to follow a few
- Jun 22, 2016 -

Rapid economic development, the rapid development of logistics and transport, logistics and transport relying on food to circulate throughout the country, but the logistics of food packaging increasingly high demand, especially for long-distance transportation package put forward higher requirements. Vacuum packaging as an effective way of preservation has been widely used to stimulate the vigorous development of vacuum packaging machine industry, due to the vacuum packaging is a merchandise security measures, so that the vacuum packaging machine is the safety and security of goods.

So buy vacuum packaging machine should start from what areas?

A vacuum pump is the core, focus on quality and brand

Vacuum pump as the core components of the vacuum packaging machine, choose the time to pay attention. Regardless of vacuum packing machines, our focus is the quality of its vacuum pump. Also concerned about the pumping speed of the vacuum pump is generally used cubic meters / hour represented, but not the bigger the better, as long as the work with the machine speed can match.

Second, the regular factory quality assurance

Automatic or semi-automatic packaging machines, controlled by the electrical components, regular manufacturers of electronic components in order to ensure durable, stable, secure, wearing parts easy to buy. Otherwise easy to aging, it may often go wrong.