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How to enhance the competitiveness of domestic vacuum packaging machine
- Jun 22, 2016 -

China's export volume vacuum packaging machine is small and mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and America into the market is difficult to produce a low-end impression in the international community, it is difficult to form a brand influence. Direct impact on the rapid development of this industry. Compared with similar foreign products, our vacuum packaging machine main deficiencies in three areas, affecting the export products.

First, the design and details of the processing technology, however, domestic products such as welding, painting uneven, a direct result of the difference between sensory impressions and unattractive buy.

Second, the lack of functionality, compared to foreign vacuum packaging machine, full-featured, single function domestic product, increasing the company's processes and manpower, production efficiency is not high.

Third, the reliability and stability of the poor, component performance lower than foreign products, making the machine failure rate is higher. This is part of some manufacturers to cater to consumer psychology also have a certain relationship, only the part of the consumer price points as the first concern is often overlooked truth-money, a number of manufacturers in order to cater to this part of the sales of active consumer demand It has led to a reduction in quality.