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2017 BRICs cooperation meeting on drug supervision was held in Zhengzhou
- Jul 23, 2017 -

The BRICs Cooperation meeting on drug supervision was held in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, in 2017.CFDA’s Deputy Director Wu Zhen attended the meeting and delivered a speech,representatives of the BRICs drug regulatory bodies and the industry attended the meeting.At the meeting, the latest drug regulatory regulations and policies were exchanged,and the direction of possible cooperation in drug registration and supervision was discussed.

Since 2015, the BRICs meeting individual drug regulatory cooperation, all Member States in drug evaluation and approval, supervision and inspection, pharmacovigilance, supply chain security began to try to establish a normal cooperative mechanism.

Wu Zhen said that in June this year, the CFDA as an official member of ICH, means that the drug regulatory authorities, Chinese pharmaceutical industry and research institutions will be gradually transformed and implement international technical standards and guidelines, pharmceutical packaging(including aluminum cap, aluminum-plastic cap, glass vial, rubber stopper, glass ampoule, glass test tube, prefilled syringe, infusion bag etc), participate in the formulation of international rules, to promote international innovative drugs to enter the Chinese market and promote Chinese pharmaceutical products to the world.

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