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Multi-layer NON-PVC IV Bags

Multi-layer NON-PVC IV Bags

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Product Details

Product features:

1. This multi-layer NON-PVC IV bags is a vein bag made of non-PVC film. Non-PVC IV bag multi-layer co-extruded film mainly includes PP, SEBS, PB, SEBS-PE, PP, PET, PA, PS, PC, etc. It guarantees the safety and compatibility of the drug. It can be automatically emptied during infusion to avoid secondary contamination due to the introduction of ambient air.

2. Multi-layer NON-PVC IV bags is light in weight, shock resistant and not easy to drop for easy transportation. Due to their superior safety and chemical stability, the use of non-PVC membranes extends significantly from early conventional IV solutions such as glucose injection and sodium chloride solutions to current electrolyte injections.

3. Multi-layer NON-PVC IV bags is non-toxic, has strong compatibility with liquid medicine, water isolation, long heat preservation period, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and convenient transportation. The film contains no plasticizer and has almost no leaching. The solution contact layer is a rubberized copolymer of ethylene and propylene. The container is crystal clear and bio-inert.

Product specifications:

Material: multi-layer co-extrusion, 3 layers or 5 layers, double tubes.100-2000ml

Printing on bags: customized

Production capacity: 300,000 pieces per day

Country of origin: China

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