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Aluminum Caps

Aluminum Caps are caps that have been compression molded using aluminum as the primary material. Compared with other cap products, the aluminum cap has a simple manufacturing process, low cost and wide application range. Usually, it is used to package all kinds of medium and low-grade liquor, which is a popular bulk liquor packaging product.
The aluminum cover produced by our factory adopts the latest aluminum composite raw materials, which can effectively strengthen the quality of the aluminum cover and prevent the aluminum cover from being easily deformed and easily broken. In addition, our factory can also design and deep-process the aluminum cover body according to the user's design requirements, and can effectively prevent the wine from volatilization and liquor leakage.
Medical Aluminum Caps include: aluminum-plastic composite cover for antibiotic bottles, aluminum cover for oral liquid bottles, aluminum-plastic composite cover for infusion bottles, twist-off aluminum anti-theft caps, and aluminum-plastic composite caps for oral liquid bottles. The main specifications of the product are Ф13mm, Ф15mm, Ф20mm, Ф28mm, Ф32mm, etc. The product forms are semi-open, full-open and two-piece and three-piece.
Among the largest pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers and suppliers, Youlyy Industrial factory provides the best customized aluminum caps service with cheap price. Wholesale aluminum caps service is also offered. If you want a discount, contact us for pricelist and quotation.
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